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Tongyu precision.

Professional r&d team, a lot of high-tech professionals!

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Hardware spare parts, production and marketing unified, fast leading in delivery period!

Production of optical lens and its hardware components of various kinds of precision instruments and equipment

Positioning high precision machining and comprehensive process matching!

The professional r&d team has a large number of high-tech professionals.

Multiple quality inspection, international standard, quality guarantee.

Select 500 strong cooperative materials, equipment dealers, and make sure that the ingredients and facilities are good

Production equipment USES Germany, the United States, Japan and other high-end import equipment.

The technical and management team comes from many years of experience in the background of Japanese and Taiwanese companies.

Production technology and experience of high-end products.

According to customer needs, we can provide solutions for customers to customize the best suitable product parts.

"High starting point, high standard, high requirement" quality consciousness.

The industry experience is rich, high-quality service, intimate and more assured.

The continuous improvement and innovation of production technology, based on the present, create the future.

Professional team, meet the custom requirement, the quality service, the cooperation saves the effort.

Support freight forwarding service, because any quality issue products enjoy free exchange.

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Zhongshan tongyu precision photoelectric co. LTD.

          Zhongshan tongyu precision photoelectric co., LTD. Is dedicated to the production of optical lens and various precision instruments and equipment hardware components, positioning high precision machining and comprehensive technology supporting, such as: application in single-lens camera lens, monitoring lens, medical device, robot, and other precision industrial equipment and other fields, equipped with precision car milling compound, die-casting, stamping, anodic oxidation and spraying surface treatment.
          The company's business philosophy is: "excellence, technical leadership".
          Technical and management team comes from years of Japanese, Taiwanese company background…

Service hotline


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